a woman in her new pair of glasses

Dispensing opticians of prescription lenses in Boston

a man in a new pair of glasses

David Hallgate Opticians

Your dispensing optician will explain how we can enhance the quality of your vision by using a lens design, tint and coating to suit your personal requirements.

We have a state of the art Rodenstock camera, which allows us to produce tailor-made varifocals and our dispensing assistants can assist you in choosing the best design to suit you.

Speak to us about our range of prescription lenses and our interest free credit today. We also offer a 10% discount on spectacles for our regular contact lens wearers.

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•   Varifocal or progressive lens designs allow one pair of spectacles to give near, mid-range and distance clear vision. An individually designed varifocal will give you the greatest field of view and virtually eliminate annoying distortion as you move your eyes across the lenses.
•   ColorMatic lenses from Rodenstock will automatically adapt to light changes. If you are inside, the lens will be light, and darken as you go into sunlight.
•   Plastic lenses, which are lighter than mineral glass, but you have to take more care with them to prevent scratches.
Tinted lenses in a variety of colours and in full or graduated tints.
•   Polarised lenses are very useful for sports such as fishing, skiing and sailing as they eliminate glare from reflected light.
•   Anti-reflection lenses let more light through so glare and reflections are reduced. This helps patients driving at night and computer users.
a man in a pair of glasses
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